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Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing Cream
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Model: Nutra3-Moisturizing-Cream

Nutra3 Complex Moisturizing Cream – with Age-Defying Glutathione (PNN*) Gylcoprotein. An Intelligent Delivery System for the Active Ingredients.

The main bio-ingredient of this ultra-luxurious moisturizing cream is a proprietary formula of glutathione glycoprotein carriers, the cream functions as a delivery system for the actives. This high intensity moisturizer is deep conditioning and comforting as it melts into the skin, restoring the skin with a silky smooth fresh radiance of youth. Frequent use of this unique combination of bio-glutathione and bio-vitamin C delivers a remarkable wealth of benefits to the skin. Good for all skin types. Use morning and evening daily or as needed.


• Moisture retaining properties - Generates a barrier on the skin to retain moisture
• Collagen production - Induces collagen production
• Skin protection - As an antioxidant, protects the skin from harmful free radicals
• Lightening effect - Lightens age spots
• Silky skin - Smoothes the skin
• Youthful appearance - Due to high moisture retention, skin regains its youthfulness
• Skin tightness - Moisture retention reduces the appearance of wrinkles

100% Fragrance Free • Hypo-Allergenic • Not Tested on Animals


Gently massage a small amount into the face and neck focusing on areas where lines and wrinkles may exist and spread the cream out from there. Glutathione (PNN*) glycoprotein provides immediate skin smoothness and will help to restore the skin to a youthful look. Daily or frequent use will result in a radiant, silky smooth skin.

N3C-M, 1.75 oz. net weight
PNN* ~ Proprietary NutraFood Nutrients™

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